Episode 11: Spider-Ham Vs. The Creative Process

Loki, go to therapy.

This episode covers minutes 100-110 of Thor Ragnarok

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IN THIS EPISODE: All hail Gritty, Spider-Man Far From Home's Bondage Harness, Alex Ross rules, Riverdale references, Into The Spider-Verse, Spider-Man PS4, Dan Slott, Avengers Endgame, Captain Marvel can't save you, Young Samuel Jackson is a legal nightmare, NO ONE SURPRISES HEIMDALL, Everybody gets a horse and a weapon, The Official Tessa Thompson GIF, Time is getting a little wobbly, things are exploding because it's time, colonialism again, Asgard as anti-Wakanda, that one relative we don't talk about, gimme more of that Bad Odin, you're just the worst, you're gonna put an eye out, light sabers are not as good as light nunchucks, why doesn't Hela impale people on those horns, Mark Ruffalo rules, so is Bruce Banner invulnerable or what, Mac and Miek, yo who's the third head of that three-headed guy, every character is a rabbit hole, I'm not a monster, Odin's outfit still impresses, are you the God of Hammers?, the tools are not who you are, asgard is not a place, Oklahoma, I'll do the shady shit so you don't have to, the warrior-king who raises the wise king, was this part of Loki's plan, Immigrant Song or NOTHING, CANNON SPIKE, Thor's new confident fighting style, FIREWORKS

Ragnatalk is mixed and edited by Rob Pera. Artwork by Lar deSouza. Logo by Tony Sherg.