Episode 9: The World's Smartest Robot Punchers (w/ Max Temkin)

Bruce Banner can't stop snacking.

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This episode covers minutes 80-90 of Thor Ragnarok

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Ragnatalk is mixed and edited by Rob Pera. 
Artwork by Lar deSouza.

This episode covers minutes 80-90 of Thor Ragnarok.

IN THIS EPISODE: This is almost as good as a real movie, “It’s Banner, baby,” “It’s The Revengers, Baby,” stop making rogue Iron Man suits, The Vulture is a Zero Dark Thirty, Hulk and Banner locked in the trunk, the ol’ Tony’s Clothes bit, the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies are good actually, why are these smart guys punching each other, characters eating in movies, Brad Pitt eating in movies, Jeff Goldblum IS James Watson, The Drunk Lawman, keep it fast and funny, colonialism makes a comeback, Einstein-Rosen Bridge, THE DEVIL’S ANUS, he knows how much I love snakes, Ghostbusters edit choices, The Gift of Korg, wordplay with Topaz, the elevator scene, let’s do “get help,” Logan rules, the importance of consequences, death is the most boring character stake, pour yourself into Spider-Man