Episode 7: Chuck Like Fire, Anthony Like Water (Hector Also Like Fire)


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This episode covers minutes 60-70 of Thor Ragnarok

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Ragnatalk is mixed and edited by Rob Pera.

Artwork by Lar deSouza.

IN THIS EPISODE: Every president gets a jetpack, Hela as job interviewer, Colonialism as a comedy, REMEMBER HOW CATE BLANCHETT IS GORGEOUS?, Skurg the Executioner, X-Cutioner, X-Men comics are BAD, Hela as Enchantress surrogate, DES and TROY and TEXAS, Obama’s policies on the MCU, The Rock/Paper/Scissors of Marvel movies, Spider-Man Homecoming vs Spider-Man PS4, my dad says “FUCK Thanos,” getting the full Heimdall, The irony of Hela not having a sword, BRING BACK 3D MOVIES, Wrath of the Titans sucks, The Laster Airbender sucks, name ONE CHARACTER from Avatar, Valerian is good actually, RELEASE EVERY MOVIE IN D-BOX, home release 3D is over, The President of Hollywood says “Buy a 4K TV!,” GooBOX, Who had to render the texture on Hulk’s ass, TALKING HULK IN THE MCU, Pet Avengers for MCU Phase 9, Read the Indesctructible Hulk, Hulk as a petulant child, “YOU’RE BANNER’S FRIEND,” OdinForce P.D., Kid Loki, Everyone gets one over on Thor, Hey Big Guy, Hey Angry Girl, The Sexiest Asgardian Alive, OdinForce vs Speed Force vs The Force, some real Lord of the Rings shit, Shakespeare is a Highlander, Star Trek is an Apple Store, SPACE IS WEIRD, WHO RUINED THE DARK TOWER MOVIE, Bringing Up Baby rules, the worst heart to heart talk EVER, #TIMESUPHANSZIMMER