Episode 5: IT'S KORG O'CLOCK

Don't drink charcoal.

TOPICS: Loki is always going to be fine, you can meet Jeff Goldblum, the rules of Sakaar, Betty Crocker's horrible eyeless face, KORG KORG KORG KORG, improv vs spaceships, Planet Hulk rules, Greg Pak rules, bossing around Anthony Hopkins, Peyton Reed's Fantastic Four, Polynesian bouncers, printing enough pamphlets for the revolution, piss off ghost, some good-ass frescos, Space Dinklage, Fake Gauntlet Continuity Police, Fenrir, don't let someone raise the dead, Kite Man is very good actually, The Morrison Moore Wizard Duel, Loki is such a jerk, don't die for a fun size Snickers, "POOP YOURSELVES, WITCHES AND SKELETONS", it sounds like you had a pretty special and intimate relationship with this hammer

This episode covers minutes 40-50 of Thor Ragnarok

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Ragnatalk is mixed and edited by Rob Pera. 
Artwork by Lar deSouza.